2018s A Star is Born

2018s A Star is Born

2018s A Star is Born

Phew, something in my eye I guess.

Everyone knows what this movie is so I don’t think I need a synopsis here, right? Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, musicians, stuff happens?

Good movie. Slightly amazed at some of the additional actors in it, like Dice as the dad, Chapelle as the friend, and Eddie Griffith as a pastor. Aside from the main actors Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga and Sam Elliot, everyone does a great job.

I had a similar feeling watching this as when I watched Crazy Heart, but without the redemption at the end.

I like seeing Lady Gaga sing like this. I’ve always thought she had a beautiful voice, but the gimmicks  have always bothered me. I know that helped her get to where she is today, but I feel the stunts cheapen her talent. Because she is that good of a singer.

So, good music, some depth in story mixed in with good performances make this a good movie.


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