2018’s You Were Never Really Here – Review

You Were Never Really Here Review

2018’s You Were Never Really Here – Review

I’m not too sure where to begin on my review for 2018s You Were Never Really Here, as I’m not too sure where I’m at with this one yet. I typically have such little time to write any reviews lately, and I think the only way I’ll be able to get on it more is by doing it right after watching something. So, I’ll give this a shot.

This isn’t strictly horror, but I think is horror-adjacent enough for me to lump it in with my 2018 Horror Watches, as it deals with a lot of topics which are pretty prevalent in the past few years in the genre, including:

  • Parenting
  • Masculinity
  • Mental Health
  • Abuse

Joachim Phoenix does a great job on this, and I’m glad to see him doing more of these types of projects. When I think back to the more mainstream work that he used to do, and while I love some of those pictures, he just seems at home in stuff like this. As someone who has been around others with mental health issues, and relating directly to this picture, I could empathize with the struggles he was going through; I’ve been pretty lucky, but as mentioned, been around many others that have helped me learn that empathy.

I wish it would have shown more of the kills in the film up close, but since again this isn’t a pure horror film, I can understand why they did what they did.

I enjoyed the characters, setting, cinematography, and most of all the score.

My rating may change on this one a little bit, but right now I’m giving this a 7/10

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