2019 Horror Challenge #6: The Dead Zone

2019 Horror Challenge #6: The Dead Zone

 2019 Horror Challenge #6: 1983s The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone

2019 Horror Challenge Watch #6: 1983 The Dead Zone

For my sixth watch of my horror challenge, I’m chose 1983s The Dead Zone by David Cronenberg.
The Dead Zone was actually a backup pick as my first pick wasn’t streaming free anywhere, so this seemed like a good one. I’d see a few minutes of this in the past, along with having read the story and watched the whole run of the TV series (which I loved).
I think because of my fandom in that way, and no having seen the movie adaptation first, I felt a little underwhelmed. It’s no doubt a good movie, as is about everything by David Cronenberg, but I just couldn’t separate the amount of story you get from a TV series as I like Johnnys character and want more from him. So, I really don’t have any major complaints because it’s a solid film. Just wanted more and couldn’t tamper my expectations.

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