2019 Horror Challenge #8: The Mutilator

2019 Horror Challenge #8: The Mutilator

2019 Horror Challenge #8: 1985s The Mutilator

The Mutilator

For my eighth watch of my horror challenge, I chose 1985s The Mutilator directed by another one-timer Buddy Cooper.

The Mutilator, originally titled Fall Break, is about a bunch of cool college dudes heading to a beach house for vacation. The house is owned by main character Ed’s dad, who has asked they shut the place down before winter. Little do they know that Ed’s dad has completely snapped, and mutilations begin; I don’t think that’s a spoiler since the name of the movie is The Mutilator.

Really fun movie. Great and ridiculous soundtrack which makes it feel a bit TV movie-ish. Really fun kills, and some good gore.

All together, this has been the most enjoyable of the season so far for me. Keep em coming!


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