2019s 3 From Hell

2019s 3 From Hell

2019s 3 From Hell

3 From Hell

I don’t think there’s much of a need to do a synopsis here since most people know what’s going on, but here’s at least a brief one…

Years after the remaining members of the Firefly family are presumed killed (from The Devil’s Rejects), we learn their fate.

That’s about as non-spoilery as I can be here, and I think I did a pretty good job. Now, as for my review of what I think may be the most divisive film of the year.

Man, I loved it. I had a grin on my face for almost the entire movie. It by no means was perfect, but it was fun. I did what I wanted it to do: entertain me. I thought it was a good blend of the previous two films. I think it took a bit of the grit from House (with the scoring, and filming), and then built off the great story we had in Devil’s Rejects, and went wacky.

Part of why I love the movies is to suspend disbelief. I like to unplug and experience something that is so outside the norm that it gives me a break. Look, I love to be moved by films through subtext and self-discovery. I love atmosphere and dread, but I also love having fun. I like it when weird midgets run around. I like situations that are impossible. That’s why I love the movies.

I’ve explained also before of why I love horror. I love the chance to experience, as mentioned, these things that are so outside the norm. It’s a safe place for us to learn about fear, and that’s why I love horror. I’ve always been able to draw the line between fiction and reality, so sometimes, you just want bonkers.

Loved the filming. Loved the score. Good performances. This will be an instant buy and and rewatch, like all of the films in this. I’m glad they didn’t all (edited for non-spoilerness)…

I have nitpicks, but not worth going over because those are my only dislikes: just nitpicks.


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