2019s Book of Monsters

2019s Book of Monsters

2019s Book of Monsters

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Book of Monsters stars Lyndsey Craine as Sophie, Who on her 18th birthday, has a party that goes awry. Is it spoilery if I say there are monsters? Or maybe even a Book of Monsters?
Monsters, fun kills, silly practical effects make this an enjoyable watch.
Ok, here is what I jotted down:

What kind of weirdo keeps an open pocket knife in their back pocket?

Has a fun BBC/E4 vibe to it, and I love a lot of Brit tv and movies.

Funny kills and monsters. Who doesn’t love killer gnomes in a Evil Dead-ish scene?

I liked the music. A mix of silly overly-dramatic music and synth.

Fun practical effect mixed with the kind of bad CGI that is funny and not just bad.

Bad sound design throughout.

It has a montage, complete with 80s style Jean Claude Van Damme music.

Loved the music in the end credits how it was self aware and funny.

The post credit scene teases what could be a fun TV show similar to the cancelled Crazyhead.

All in all, if you’re looking for a fun and entertaining watch that you can toss on and not take too seriously: this is a good choice.

Have fun.
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