2019s Crawl

2019s Crawl

2019s Crawl

Crawl2019’s Crawl stars Kaya Scodelario as Haley, a college swimmer who during a hurricane warning heads to her family home to make sure her father, played by Barry Pepper, is ok during the storm. When she arrives, she finds him injured and things go from there. As usual, this is a spoiler free review as much as possible.

Ok, on to my thoughts.

I’ve long enjoyed Kaya Scodelario. Skins, the amazing e4 show, introduced me to her as Effy, and I’ve always loved that show and her character. I have so many memories, both good and bad associated with that show. I was surprised to hear her with an American accent. She did a great job in this movie, and I thought her performance was believable and I empathized with her struggle.

Barry Pepper has always given me a bit of a Alex Winter vibe, but is a good actor, and this was no exception. As a dad, I can’t imagine the feeling of seeing your child in this much danger. I guess I can imagine, but hope never to experience it.

This was honestly the best tension I’ve felt watching a film this year. Great jump scares, tense moments, good action, and reinforcement of why I usually try and stay as far away from Florida as possible.

Good direction and cinematography as expected from Alex Aja.

Overall, this was a really fun ride with some great performances, great tension, and some nice gore. This will be a purchase by me when it comes on Blu. Fun one to watch with the family too.


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