2019s Danur

2019s Danur

2019s Danur

Danur finally gets its American release via Netflix, so let’s check it out.

Danur Stars Risa, a young woman who we first meet as a girl who can see and interact with ghosts. She grows up a little bit, and we see her coming home to take care of her grandmother, and is joined by her now little sister. The family hires a nurse to help out, and we’ll leave it at that.

I was pretty bored here. It didn’t do much to kee my interest other than being fascinated by Indonesian language. So different and interesting.

I mean, I guess everyone did a decent job, but I was bored. We didn’t see anything new, and you don’t always need to reinvent the genre, but amp it up to keep people engaged. And I wasn’t.

So. Yeah. That’s all I have for this one. Short and sweet. This was a very popular movie in Indonesia, and has sparked a new Conjuring-es universe with sequels that take place in the same world. So, I’m glad it has been pretty successful there, because I’m all for people all over the world creating film. But yeah. It wasn’t for me.


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