2019s DeadTectives

2019s DeadTectives

2019s DeadTectives

DeadTectives is a 2019 Shudder release about a team  of TV ghost hunters who are a bit down on their luck. And they’re terrible at what they do. They take a new job down in Mexico at a haunted house, and things go awry.

Man. I wanted to love this one. It had some British silliness, funny effects, but I just kept getting bored and tuning it out. There were some parts that were legit pretty funny.

Here’s my issue, and not with the movie itself. I’m exhausted. I’ve been going through a lot lately between family, work and everything that I’m pooped. I really owe this one another watch because I just kept zoning out. I think I would have kept zoning out watching Us or Midsommar because I’m spacey and tired.

Because of this, I’m still giving this one a recent rating and I owe it a proper rewatch. I love horror comedy and this seems like a fun one. Nothing too serious, but a good time.

So, DeadTectives. I’ll be back.

For now: 6.5/10

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