2019s Hagazussa

2019s Hagazussa

2019s Hagazussa

After seeing many, many social media posts about this movie, I finally had to dive in and see what it was all about.

Hagazussa is follows a woman named Albrun, who lives high in the mountains somewhere around 1500s Germany I assume. It’s broken into several sections, starting with her as a young girl, and the final acts are her as an adult with child.

Much of it seems like dealing with the death of someone close to her, and seems to haunt her, along with other locals in the area who give her issues.

Ok, on to my thoughts as I try and keep things very spoiler-free.

I’ve been waiting for ages this year for a seriously moody, atmospheric, dread-filled film, and this one was close. So close.

The score was amazing. I watch movies on private viewing on Roku, so hearing the constant drone of this score on my earbuds was amazing.

Great performances, well filmed, but I think this one went a bit too far on form over function. Too much shiny and not enough story, plus there was really no payoff at the end. The water scene seemed to be the one for shock value, but I just felt confused on what the purpose of the next ten minutes was.

We are getting close here, people. My lovely moody film is out there, and if the payoff would have been better and a little more in the story, this would have been it. I honestly wouldn’t rate this as high as I am, but technically it’s so good that I feel I have to rate it where it’s at.


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