2019s It Chapter 2

2019s It Chapter 2

2019s It Chapter 2

It Chapter two


I always try to be spoiler free in my reviews, and since I’m seeing this one a few days before most people, I’m going to be even more vague. I want people to experience this on their own instead of it being partially set by the reviews of others. There are huge expectations around this film as well, so that doesn’t help. So, without further ado, here are my vague notes and perhaps I’ll update this review after some people have had a chance to see it.

I think it’s a much better movie. I loved part one, and it was the most fun I had at the theater that year. I think the first movie was more fun, but this one is a better movie.

It is long, so get ready for that. But the time is used pretty well.

If you’ve read the book, you of course have to suspend your feelings a bit, and I missed some of the things from the book, but it did the book justice for the most part.

I’m seeing it again Sunday with my son, and I’m looking forward to a rewatch where I can look at things from a different perspective.

Hopefully that’s pretty vague.

9/10 for now.

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