2019s Nekrotronic

2019s Nekrotronic

2019s Nekrotronic

Nekrotronic stars Ben O’Toole as Howard, a man who makes his living in the family business of pumping sewage. Along for the ride with him is his friend and co-worker Rangi.

While out for work, Rangi starts playing a new game on his phone, which actually brings the real world and the demon world into one. And then Howard discovers he is a necromancer. And in the rest of the film, we get demons, wraiths, montages, narration, and fun gore. Good enough of a summary?

Have you ever watched a movie and it turned out to be exactly what you needed to watch? This has been not just a rough week, but a rough few weeks, preceded by a rough summer. And man, this movie hit the spot.

Super fun movie. Nothing serious, just enjoyment. It has a good Aussie vibe, which makes sense as it is from the team who brought us Wyrmwood. It had some moments of feeling like some Evil Dead, mixed with Dead Alive, Fresh Meat, and we will throw in a story that may have been in a Doctor Who episode.

Most of the cast was unknown to me, other than the amazing Monica Bellucci. I liked pretty much everyone in the film, and although silly, I wanted the protagonists to succeed.

Sure, there was some bad CGI, but it was in a fun way. My only real criticism of the film technically was the sound design, as that wasn’t great. But I can look over that because of the fun I had with the bad cgi, montages, self-aware explanations, and it was just pretty well done.

Fun time. I’d watch again. Not going to the top of my list by any means, but I needed this. Thanks guys.


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