2019s Nightmare Cinema

2019s Nightmare Cinema

2019s Nighmare Cinema

2019s Nightmare Cinema is a horror anthology directed by some pretty legit guys, including Joe Dante and Mick Garris, and some decent actors including the amazing Richard Chamberlin.
It’s centered around a movie theater that people go in and see a story of what is to come of them. It jumps right in without any opening credits which confuses me initially. I won’t give any spoilers or details, so you’ll just have to see it yourself if you’re interested in it.
Unfortunately I can’t give this one a great review. Aside from being pretty well produced, there were some things I couldn’t overlook. Some good, some bad. Here are my notes:

Overall, pretty decent production value. Looked pretty good.

I liked the general concept with The Projectionist, but I wanted to know more about the character. A little more setup would have worked for me.

Fun stories for the most part.

The Catholic priest guy bugged me. As many people know who read my stuff or listen to my show, I’m Catholic and work for The Church. A tiny amount of research could have at least had the priest in proper clerics. He was all wrong. And I know it’s a movie, but to me, that just shows laziness.

I kept wondering who the actors were, and discovered Casey in the final short is Lexy Panterra from the crazy twerking video.

I would have liked a little more story to wrap the concept up a bit, but it was fun enough. I’m not a huge fan of anthologies, with Creepshow being the exception of course, but this wasn’t too bad.

But wasn’t too good either. Better than most we’ve seen over the past few years though…

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