2019s Soul to Keep

2019s Soul to Keep

2019s Soul to Keep

Soul to Keep
Slight spoilers to follow here. I know I don’t normally do that, but I’m not too worried about it on this one.

Soul to Keep is about a group on young friend who head to up remote family home to party it up, and then you know that familiar story: young people partying, hooking up, demons, possessions, throwing up, etc ensues.
Ok, so here are my thoughts on it:

Positive: the score was actually really well done. It’s a lower budget film, but they did put some energy and effort into the score. Sound design, not so much, but score. That’s actually an area of opportunity though for me as well. The female protagonist is deaf and other than one scene, I think they could have used her disability for some good sound design gimmicks.

They really did try to make the filming look good and desaturated some of the shots, which I appreciated. Just like the video look in the 80s, a lot of low budget films look too shiny and clean due to cameras these days, so putting some effort into the look and feel goes a long way.

And those are really my only notes. The acting isn’t great, sound design isn’t great, so it’s really nothing to write home about. I really do think that with some more money that this team could put together something nice. So, keep it up. But this just didn’t work for me overall. I checked out pretty heavily towards the end.

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