Review: 1971s Let’s Scare Jessica to Death

Review: 1971s Let’s Scare Jessica to Death

In 2019, I’ve been struggling with a consistent theme to watch and evaluate. Last year was Giallo and 80s slasher. Initially I planned on keeping that up for another year, but changed to Asian cinema. But then I said “to heck with it”, and I’m just gonna watch a little of everything this year.

So, enter 1971s Let’s Scare Jessica to Death. Heard a lot about this one, but never seen. Story is about a young woman who, with her husband and friend, move from NYC to an Island in Connecticut after leaving some sort of mental institution.AAt the home, there is a squatter who then becomes part of their group.

Lots of paranoia in this, and some themes of mental illness, loss and reliance on others.

Favorite thing about the movie? Great score.

Least favorite? Most of the rest of the movie. Just wasn’t crazy about it.

Score: 5/10

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