Review: 2018s Slice


Review: 2018s Slice

2018s Slice

Man, this one is weird. I kept hearing that, but tried to go in without judgment.

It has a fun cast, really campy and is from A24, so it should be a total winner right? I love cheesy stuff.

I wish i could say it is, but i can’t. I did enjoy myself watching it, and it reminded me of watching weird stuff on USA Up All Night back in the day. Near the end though i was just ready for it to be over.

If you’re looking for something mindless to put on, go for it. But set your expectations evenly, and ignore the A24 label. Just go in and have fun. Don’t go for great acting, atmosphere, gore (even though there were some fun kills), but go for fun.

Rating it 5/10 because of the campiness and enjoyment.

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