Review: 2019s Captive State

Review: 2019s Captive State

2019s Captive State

It’s always when I set my expectations too high that this happens. I wanted to love this movie. I mean: aliens, Goodman, scifi, Goodman. Did I mention John Goodman? I love that guy.

This film was a mess, and mainly from a screeplay position. It was confusing, bounced around and just tried to cram too much in. The very last scene of the movie was great, but that was about it. This whole movie had potential, but I just kept checking my watch during it. Seems like it would have been better as a tv series than a film.

Since this just dropped today, I won’t share anything else other than this was a bummer. My rating still plugs it right in the middle because it wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t good. I am including it on my horror list, as it is fringey enough with scifi and a few horrific elements, but not pure horror by any means.


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