Review: 2019s Greta

2019 Greta

Review: 2019s Greta

2019s Greta

So, I know we aren’t far in to 2019 yet, but I think I’ve decided to dub it the “Year of Almost Really Good.” 2019s Greta falls into that category.

Greta stars Chloe Grace Moretz as a young Frances who lives with her friend Erica in NYC. She finds a purse on the subway, and being someone good natured (but naive), she decides to return the purse and befriend the owner of the purse named Greta. And then a whole bunch of stuff happens that I will of course leave out of my review since it’s a new movie.

As I’ve hinted to in my intro: this movie was close to being really good. There were some scenes which were really well shot, and then some that ended up being very generic. I think the sound design could have been a bit better as well, but was mostly fine.

I think everyone did a fine job in it, and this could have been really good with some more effort on the look of the shots and building more tension through the atmosphere. I will say that there is one part where I did feel anxiety on what was occurring and found myself tensing up, imagining myself in that situation. So that was good, and I always enjoy when a movie can do that. I would have loved a bit more gore here as I think it could have led to the story (especially near the end, as the shock of more gore would have wowed audiences a bit more).

So, not a bad movie at all. It was above average and I would recommend that people see it and have reasonable expectations; horror fans, I know that isn’t easy.


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