Review: 2019s Happy Death Day 2U

Happy Death Day 2U Review

Review: 2019s Happy Death Day 2U

2019s Happy Death Day 2U

I pretty quickly became a fan of the first movie upon my first watch. It’s fun, easy to watch, something you can toss on whenever, but most importantly to me: it has heart. Although it can be silly, the story has something more to it.

I always try to have low expectations going into any movie, as then I’m usually pleasantly surprised, but I couldn’t do that with Happy Death Day 2U. I was really looking forward to this one.

It starts off a bit different, and it kinda threw me off a bit, but then it jumps into its rhythm, and I love the whole movie. Since it’s a new one, I’ll keep my notes very limited and vague.

I once again loved the characters, but there was something new in this one that really touched my heart regarding her mom.

Some fun deaths and scenes, and some cool nods to movies like Back to the Future.

I will buy this one when it comes out, and it was a good fun theater experience. While this won’t certainly be the scariest film of the year and isn’t dripping with atmospheric like my favorites, I loved this movie.


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