Review: 2019s Pet Semetary

Review: 2019s Pet Semetary

2019s Pet Semetary

While I’m the guy who always tries to have low expectations, and I don’t really watch trailers, it was hard to go in to this one fresh since the 1989 film was so influential to me when it came out.

So, here’s my brief spoiler-free review: it was ok.

Positives: Fairly well shot, I enjoyed the darker turn towards the end and pretty good performances. Lithgow is always amazing. Music was decent.

Negatives: thought the sound design and mix was pretty bad. Vocal volume throughout could have been better. Some missed opportunities with gore, as I can imagine some of the scenes really messing people up if shot a little differently.

But all in all, not terrible. Just a slightly above average film, and honestly a little better than I expected.


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