Review: 2019s Polar

Review: 2019s Polar

Review: 2019s Polar

Not a horror review, but still worth mentioning this watch. I’ll also keep this extremely vague since it’s new.

Polar is based off of the comic series Polar about a professional killer “Black Kaiser”.

And oh man, I loved it. It’s early in the year, but this is the most fun I’ve had with a movie so far this year. Great cast, great kills, and I wanted more. Really good performances as well, and Vanessa Hudgens at the end with a really powerful and well acted scene.

The critics are wrong on this one. It’s a blast. And for those who reviewed it poorly: you take everything way too seriously. Were you expecting an art film? Subtext about gender theory? Just have fun with movies and stop being a buzzkill.


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