Review: 2019s The Golem

Review: 2019s The Golem

2019s The Golem

The Golem. Hmm. While usually good at managing expectations and keeping them low, most people I talked to loved this one, so my expectations were set high. So, before I give my overall opinion, here are some highs and lows. And as per usual, i try to keep this as spoiler free as possible.

Highs: fun to watch. Not too heavy. Love the Jewish folklore and mysticism (as a Catholic, there are lots of movies about my stuff, and as a fan of Judaism, I like to see that stuff). Some fun kills. Reminded me a bit of Errementari from last year. Enjoyed some of the allegory for loss and grief, with a slight feel of Eve.

Lows (but mainly just nitpicks): had some inconsistencies in tone and look and feel; some shots just didn’t feel like they fit in from a technical standpoint. Not the best FX. As a nitpick, i would have loved this to be more atmospheric.

I enjoyed the viewing, but just not as great as some of the reviews I’m seeing. I would however recommend it, and may watch again as I feel this is one I could toss on for a friend or my son. But it just didn’t blow me away, and that may be the fault of having too high of expectations.


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