Review: 2019s The Silence

Review: 2019s The Silence

2019s The Silence

For my fourth 2019 film in the past week, I went with the new Netflix film The Silence.

For most people, this movie, or its subject matter, may seem familiar. Everyone saw A Quiet Place right? Well, for those unaware, The Silence is based off of a 2015 novel of the same name.

So, my notes:

– Very frantic intro
– Most of the movie is well shot, but had an occasional TV feel to it
– I cared about most of the characters right from the beginning
– Several scenes I think did a good job of showing some horrific realities in a SHTF scenario that a lot of apocalyptic films skip. The subway and the dog are two examples. If you haven’t read One Second After, it does a good job of the same
– I wish we would have gotten more about the weird cultists and what they were about. While I liked the sub-90 minute movie, a little more time on what they were about would have been good. It’s also strange that this cult managed to pop up so quickly, but it’s also not clear on the timeframe.

The next two are just nitpicks:
– Slow-mo during the big fight with the crazy zealots wasn’t that great
– The outro was a little cheesy and rushed

All in all, it wasn’t a terrible watch. From reading some reviews online, I’m quickly reminded of how shitty some critics can be. But that’s them, and I’ll try and have a bit more class.

It wasn’t a great film, but I didn’t hate it. Tucci and Shipka did fine, had some honest tension in a few scenes, and I like end of the world type films. But nothing great here. Just an average film.


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