Review: 2019s Us

Review: 2019s Us

2019s Us

If you’ve ever read any of my previous reviews, I write frequently about how I try and keep incredibly low expectations when going into any movie. I managed to avoid even reading anything about Jordan Peele’s new film until a week ago, and even with all of that effort, I was so excited to go see this movie and had very high expectations.

Since this is new, and I don’t want to reveal anything or set further expectations that I will with my rating, this will be brief.

This movie hit on all angles with me. I loved it. Beautifully shot, great score, characters you care about, and I had a blast. There were some good moments of genuine tension that did have my hands squeezing a bit too tight.

We are only in March, so there is plenty more to come this year, but easily my favorite of the year so far. I’ll give this a rewatch later, as I’m curious what it will do to my rating; Get Out continues to get better upon rewatches, and I’m guessing this will do the same. So, for now:


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