The Wrath

The Wrath

Review: 2019s The Wrath

The Wrath is a Korean Shudder release about a young woman who is to be a bride in a aristocratic home, and things take a wrong turn. There is evil present. The young lord, Myung-Kyu, decides to bed the woman on her wedding night in a trap for the spirit, but things don’t go as planned. We also see a mysterious burn on the young woman’s shoulder, which we’ll learn more about through the movie.

As expected, The Wrath looks fantastic. Korea has been killing it with film the last 15 years. Really well shot and scored, with some good atmosphere built in to it. It also switches around to a more twitching and fast moving camera at times, and leaves you feeling like “well that’s very Evil Dead-ish.”

Some of the story got confusing at times, but all in all, this is a slick movie that is well made and fun. I really enjoyed it and will probably give it a second watch sometime soon. Korea: you just keep being you.


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