Review: 2020s VFW

Review: 2020s VFW

2020s VFW


From the great minds at IMDB, let’s start off with our synopsis:

A group of war veterans must defend their local VFW post and an innocent teen against a deranged drug dealer and his relentless army of punk mutants.

Getting a wide VOD release on Valentines Day 2020, we finally get to check out the latest from Joe Begos: VFW. VFW stars Stephen Lang, Fred Williamson, Martin Kove, David Patrick Kelly, William Sadler, and Dora Madison (just to name a few).

Our main set? The local VFW, where local friends and vets gather in fellowship, booze and to celebrate Fred’s birthday. The story takes places in what feels like the same universe as classics of my youth such as Escape from NY, Class of Nuke Em High, Class of 1999, and all of those other dystopian films which I adored growing up. Things are falling apart, police is nowhere to be seen, and drug addiction is rampant.

At the same time that Fred and friends are enjoying drinks at their post, across the street at a theater taken over by drug dealers and addicts, a young woman named Lizard steals the stash and makes a run for it; not for use, but as a retaliation against our main antagonists Boz and Gutter.

Lizard’s escape takes her right to the VFW, and that’s where we will wrap up our synopsis.

On to my thoughts.

Bliss was in my top five last year, and one film I just couldn’t get out of my head all year. Because of that, I had high hopes from our next Begos entry.

And this did not disappoint.

Most movies early in the year either fall flat, or get forgotten by the time list-making is done. 2020 started off shaky with The Grudge, but that was not a sign of things to come. With VFW, I am now 3 for 5 for the year. I loved this!

Great score and cinematography, along with all the gore gags you need for an enjoyable time. Performances are all great from a really amazing cast. The pacing is perfect. Usually I look at my watch and think “ah man, are we almost done? because the pacing isn’t spot on. With this, I looked at my watch after a while, and was surprised it wasn’t done, and was excited it wasn’t done! I didn’t want this one to end, but it doesn’t overstay its  welcome.

Rewatchability is no doubt there, and this is a purchase for sure. As soon as the physical release is available, it’ll be in my collection next to the others fromJoe Begos.

Literally couldn’t get the smile off of my face. Dumb smile the whole time after watching this.

My rating: 9/10, and this could go up. This is just my kind of movie!

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