Top 100 Horror Films of the 2010s | 100-80

Top 100 Horror

Top 100 Horror Films of the 2010s | 100-80

Top 100 Horror Films of the 2010s

Top 100 Horror

Well friends, we’re now a month into the 2020s, and I haven’t made a list in a month or so and I’ve got the itch. We’ve seen other posts come up about “top of the decade”, heard some shows on it, and I’m going to jump on the bandwagon. But my list came to be as a contribution to one of our friend podcasts, Exploding Heads.

If you’re not familiar with their show, you should be. A fun, non-elitist and pragmatic approach to horror. The guys, who I’m proud to call friends, have a blast discussing horror, and were so helpful to me when I first started podcasting.

So, coming up in the next few episodes, they’ll be doing a “Top 100 of the Decade” show, and they’ve asked some in our community for their lists. And heck, I spent all this time on the list, so I may as well share mine here. I don’t know what their final list will end up looking like, but I’m honored to contribute and excited to hear the show. Go check them out. Support them if you can too at

My Criteria

So, how did I come up with my list? I had a few criteria:

  1. Date: Obviously, the films had to have had a wide-release between 2010 and 2020. No weird festival releases or anything like that. It had to be widely available to viewers either through cinema, VOD or physical media.
  2. Scary: Being scary to me is not part of the criteria. I know we could debate all day on what makes a movie horror, and I have zero interest in doing that. If we’re honest, most of these movies don’t scare me or a majority of horror fans. What I’m looking for is there are horrific enough elements, along with some tried and true formulas, for me to consider them horror. If you don’t? That’s cool. This is my list. I’ll put Ernest Goes to Camp on it if I want because it’s my list. I would, of course, love to hear your lists as well, so please share!
  3. Connection: With horror, I’m big on how I connected with the movie. It could be how I identified with a character, been through a similar experience, or could empathize with the situation.
  4. Finally, My Enjoyment: There are some movies that I think are amazing, but I just didn’t enjoy, or maybe would never rewatch. There’s no rhyme or reason here, or any rating system I go off of. Example: The Lighthouse is an incredible film, but I don’t know if I’ll ever watch it again. On the other hand, Overlord was a blast, is a bit of a popcorn flick, and I can turn it on any time and enjoy it. Does it mean it’s a better-made film than The Lighthouse? No, of course not, but I surely enjoy one over the other.

Ok, on with the show.

My List | #100-80

Here we go: my top 100 horror films of the 2010s, starting from 100 and working my way to my favorite. Keep in mind that I really like all of these movies, so there are no losers here.

And there’s no way I’m going to list all 100 on one page, because I sure don’t want to scroll through that many, we’ll do 20 at a time, and release a new article every few days. So, here we go.


100: Hell House LLC

It may be a trite thing to say, but I’m not a huge found-footage guy. But this is one of the few films on this list that did scare me a little bit. Really solid. I wasn’t as crazy about the follow-ups, but this one did give me the willies.

99: Assassination Nation

I really expected a teenage-type watch with this one, but ended up being much more messed up and darker than I thought it would be.

98: Tragedy Girls

Like I needed any more reason to be worried about the future of the world. Does a good job showcasing how toxic the mentality of “getting likes” is, and where we place our value. But hey, I’m hoping you like my page and posts, so there’s that…

97: Revenge

Once you’ve suspended your disbelief, this is a really pretty cool movie with some great visuals. Gets better the further it goes.

96: 47 Meters Down

A bit of lighting in a bottle here. I think this one surprised a lot of us with the tension, and fits nicely into this new genre involving isolation.

#95: The Babysitter

The movie that introduced most of us to Samara Weaving, and I think at that point, most of us realized she was going to be a star. Thanks, Netflix!

#94: 31

Certainly not the only controversial pick on my list. I’m not really sure about where the hate comes from on this one. I thought we had a good cast, some fun kills, fun score, and a pre-salami Richard Brake. I know Rob Zombie isn’t loved for his dialogue, but I really didn’t have any complaints about this one.

#93: The Visit

I make no apologies for liking Shyamalan; there’s too much apologizing these days for things we like or believe. And I liked this movie. Really fun watch.

#92: Maggie

Arnold? Zombies? That’s all I needed to hear to watch this one. And it ended up being pretty good, and as a parent, I could connect with the characters.

#91: Gerald’s Game

I don’t think anyone else could have nailed this like Mike Flanagan, who is our modern master of characters. Carla Gugino is roughly a one-woman show delivers an excellent performance, and I gotta be honest, the Moonlight Man scared me the first time you catch a glimpse of him. Another Netflix entry which was excellent. And I think we have another from Netflix and King right about…

#90: 1922

Thomas Jane again proves that he deserves way more recognition than he gets; this time, he was award-worthy. Great gothic ghost story here.

#89: Late Phases

I caught Late Phases at the Mile High Horror Film Festival in, I guess, 2013 or 2014. After sitting through some incredibly rough films, this was a nice break. Nick Damici delivers a great performance, and I’m always game for Ethan Embry (Presstonee!)

#88: Cargo

One of the more gut-wrenching films from 2018. If you’re a parent, then you probably know what I’m talking about here. What lengths wouldn’t we go through to protect our children?

#87: WolfCop

This is the movie you need when you just need to unwind. I expected cheesy, but not this much fun or enjoyable. And thanks Canada!

#86: Mayhem

Not even 15 movies in and already a second appearance from Samara Weaving. We had several office chaos films in 2017, and while I have one ranked higher, this was the more enjoyable and fun of the two. Nice seeing Glen with a normal face, too!

#85: The Crazies

Our first “remake” on the list, and one superior to the original. Fantastic performances, and again, a film which outlines what you would do to protect the ones you love.

#84: Better Watch Out

I don’t love things that are either too mean-spirited, or too fun. This hits the sweet spot right in the middle by blending both, and has hit regular rotation for me during the Christmas season.

#83: Last Shift

I haven’t seen this one in quite some time, but I haven’t forgotten that it gave me the creeps. You’re going to see the theme of isolation over and over in this list, and this one fits nicely.

#82: Burying the Ex

Man, anyone else really miss Anton Yelchin? RIP. Fun horror comedy with a good cast, and that Joe Dante touch.

#81: The Taking of Deborah Logan

This one caught me by surprise. I expected bad movie. Got creepy movie. There are so many movies with “Taking” or “Possession” in the title, and they usually don’t deliver. This one does.

#80: Ma

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Octavia Spencer is a treasure. Have you ever seen her do anything bad? I haven’t…

Ok, that’s all for part one. Stay tuned for my next post with #79-60. Once I post it, I’ll update this text here so you can go directly to it. Thanks for dropping by, and let us know some of your picks!

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